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Taking into account the mandate of NAPOLCOM under the law, the Department of Budget and Management (DBM)-approved Program Expenditure Classification (PREXC) and the thrusts of the current administration, the NAPOLCOM Regional Office XI is committed to perform the following:


    • Police Supervision Sub-Program

      • Oversight of Police Administration and Operations

        • Prepares and submits planning and budgetary requirements
        • Provides assistance in the conduct of research studies

      • Administers the PNP Entrance and Promotional Examination

      • Conducts inspection and audit of PNP offices, monitors, reviews and evaluates NAPOLCOM policies and standards

    • Police Disciplinary Sub-Program

      • Management of Police Summary Dismissal Cases (NAPOLCOM Disciplinary Machinery)

      • Adjudication of appeals through the Regional Appellate Board (RAB)

      • Rendition of Opinions and Legal Services to include legal consultancy services to the People’s Law Enforcement Boards (PLEBs)

    • Police Welfare and Benefits Administration Sub-Program

      • Adjudication of benefit claims within the prescribed period of 60 days from receipt of complete documents

      • Payment all valid claims within five (5) working days from receipt of SARO/NCA from DBM


    • Spearheads the celebration of the “Police-Community Relations Month (PCR Month)” every July;

    • Spearheads the celebration of the “National Crime Prevention Week” every September 1-7;

    • Continuously monitors the different Community and Service-Oriented Policing (CSOP) System-related programs and projects and its implementation;

    • Spearheads the validation of nominees to the “Search for PNP Model Families”; and,

    • Provides assistance in the conduct of the “Public Perception on Community Safety Survey.”


    • Processes requests for certificate for passing the PNP Entrance and Promotional Examination, authentication of police eligibility, height waiver and clearance for promotion and retirement;

    • Participates to trainings, conferences and/or meetings initiated by NAPOLCOM or other agencies in order to enhance the competencies of officials and personnel;

    • Formulates and submits the Annual Procurement Plan of the Regional Office;

    • Prepares and submits Budget and Financial Accountability Reports;

    • Maintains the different information technology equipment;

    • Implements the communication program;

    • Conceptualizes and implements projects/activities for Gender and Development and senior citizen;

    • Participates to the different activities of the PNP Recruitment and Promotion Program.


    • In line with the commitment of NAPOLCOM to provide efficient and effective services, the NAPOLCOM Regional Office XI continuously and vigorously adheres to its Quality Management System (QMS) through strict adherence and implementation of the Quality Manual, Quality System Procedures, Quality Operating Procedures and accomplishment of the relevant forms.


    • The NAPOLCOM Regional Office XI unceasingly provides support to the programs/activities of the City Government of Davao and other local government units in Davao Region, Association of Regional Executives of National Agencies (ARENA) and the different government agencies.


For the period January - March 2020, the NAPOLCOM Regional Office XI was able to accomplish the following:

  1. Processed a total of 1,803 applications for the now postponed PNP Entrance and Promotional Examination which was originally scheduled to be held on April 26, 2020;

  2. Conducted inspection and audit to a total of 12 PNP offices/units;

  3. Conducted monitoring activities to a total of 12 PNP offices/units to include the monitoring of the performance of 12 local chief executives as NAPOLCOM deputies;

  4. Monitored the implementation of decisions rendered by the different PNP disciplinary authorities;

  5. Acted on the seven (7) complaints received during the period;

  6. Rendered a total of 27 legal services to include legal consultancy services to PLEBs;

  7. Investigated and adjudicated applications for benefit claims;

  8. Paid/reimbursed a total of P 181,886.18 under the Administration of PNP Scholarship Program;

  9. Monitored the implementation of the different programs/activities and prepared and submitted the corresponding 1st Quarter Report under the CSOP System;

  10. Attended to the following trainings, meetings and/or conferences:

  11. Issued the following documents:

  12. Procured assorted office supplies based on the Annual Procurement Plan;

  13. Prepared and submitted 120 Budget and Financial Accountability reports;

  14. Participated to the 16 activities of the PNP Regional Screening Committee;

  15. Adhered to the NAPOLCOM’s Quality Management System by ensuring strict adherence to the relevant processes and use/accomplishment of pertinent documents, and,

  16. In relation to the fight against the spread of the Corona Virus Disease 2019 (COVID-19), this Office provided support to the PNP in Davao Region by providing them with face masks, face shields and bottled water.  The Office likewise facilitated the donation and distribution of food packs to police officers of Davao City Police Office (DCPO) and police auxiliaries manning the different control points/checkpoints in Davao City.
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